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What are the performance characteristics of the can sealing machine?


The performance characteristics of the can sealing mach […]

The performance characteristics of the can sealing machine: it is suitable for capping and sealing of glass bottles with a round shape and a special-shaped lower part of the bottle body. It is the vacuum capping machine with the largest production capacity on the market. product of choice. The can sealing machine uses the most environmentally friendly glass bottle packaging to seal the three-screw and four-screw capped glass bottles that have relatively high requirements on the vacuum in the bottle. After this machine is equipped with a vacuum system, it can Vacuuming and then capping to extend the shelf life of the bottle contents and enhance the taste without heating to keep the color of the material unchanged. Implement automatic bottle feeding, automatic capping, and automatic vacuuming.
The dirt generated by the high temperature of the domestic water used in the can sealing machine will never be sprayed onto the clothes as easily as a flat iron or a steam ironing brush, but completely retained in the storage chamber of the bottom heating furnace far away. With its compact portable design, it is easy to carry and store. Advanced PLC or single-chip control system, the seal is firm, and the seal is flat and beautiful, which can improve the product grade. The vibration plate, linear vibration arrangement device and precise counting control device of the filling and sealing machine are tailored for screw samples to ensure that each bag is accurate. The data transmission mode of the communication bus ensures the efficient and stable operation of the machine. The sealing machine automatically displays the number of packages, which can easily count the workload of the machine. The machine's advanced step control and color coding work in conjunction with packaging materials that contain logos to achieve the perfect logo pattern.

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