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What are the classifications of vacuum sealing machine forming, filling and sealing machine?


Classification of vacuum sealing machine forming, filli […]

Classification of vacuum sealing machine forming, filling and sealing machine:
Box (box) forming-filling-sealing machine
Bag forming-filling-sealing machine - a machine that makes a roll-shaped flexible packaging material into a bag tube, and after it penetrates into the material, it is sealed, and the three functions are automatically completed in succession.


Thermoforming-filling-sealing machine - a machine that deep-draws thermoplastic sheet packaging materials to form packaging containers under heating, and then fills and seals.


Vacuum packaging machine - after the items are put into the packaging container, the atmosphere inside the container is removed to reach a predetermined degree of vacuum, and the rigidity of the sealing process is completed.


Inflatable packaging machine - a packaging method in which the product is put into an airtight packaging container, vacuumed (or not vacuumed), filled with protective gas, and then sealed.


Blister packaging machine - blister packaging machine is a machine that makes transparent plastic films or sheets into blisters, and seals the product between the blisters and the bottom plate by means of hot-pressing sealing and gluing.

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