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Automatic seaming machine switches the working state of the equipment!


Automatic manual filling conversion button: The automat […]

Automatic manual filling conversion button: The automatic can sealing machine switches the working state of this equipment (automatic control state/manual control state); Manual filling button: After pressing this switch, the liquid starts to be filled, and the can sealing machine completes one bottle filling After filling, it stops running; filling time is intermittent: after each bottle of liquid is filled, it will automatically stop for a period of time in order to replace the bottle to be filled next time, and the interval time is adjusted here; filling speed adjustment: used to control the high-pressure pump The rotating speed, the can sealing machine can control the flow of the liquid during filling; the high-precision miniature magnetic pump: the power source of the filling machine, the pump can start filling the liquid when it works. One type of packaging equipment cannot be used for packaging only one product. Due to the different shapes and characteristics of different drugs, even if the packaging process is the same, there will be problems such as different molds and different feeding methods.


The pharmaceutical packaging equipment on the market today has little compatibility and is not widely applicable. It is generally one-to-one packaging. Even if different medicines can be packaged, it is not very convenient to replace the mold. If the packaging machinery with the same or similar packaging process is made into one or several standard equipment, the parts that need to be replaced are made into basic units that can run independently. The host becomes a community, and it is enough to combine the basic units according to their own needs in practical applications. If this design can be realized, it will not only facilitate the operator to replace the mold, but also greatly reduce waste, and at the same time increase the flexibility and applicability of the machine.

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