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The performance characteristics of high-speed can sealing machine are introduced!


Performance characteristics of high-speed can sealing m […]

Performance characteristics of high-speed can sealing machine:

1. The core part is carefully developed with leading digital technology and original imported chips. The inside of the detection coil is formed by potting and sealing, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance and strong anti-interference ability.
2. It can be produced with a variety of frequencies according to product characteristics, and has the function of product testing data storage, which can store more than 10 kinds of product testing data, and has a wide range of applications.
3. Adopt intelligent identification technology, with self-learning and memory functions, high-speed sealing function can automatically recognize and memorize product characteristics, effectively eliminate the interference caused by various "product effects".
4. Simple and friendly operation interface, using a conversational LCD screen, parameters can be set quickly and easily through a simple key control interface; it can detect a variety of products containing different product signals (characteristics), and a single setting can ensure extremely high performance. Detection accuracy, no need to re-adjust, set the program.
5. Modular component replacement, convenient and quick maintenance.
6. Meet the requirements of HACCP, GMP and FDA.
7. Shockproof and waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof function conforms to IP-66/IP-65 international certification, anti-vibration and noise absorption, and can adapt to harsh working environments.
8. Various removal devices (such as flaps, air blowers, push rods, etc.) and lightweight, special-purpose for large packaging and heavy-duty fuselage designs can be used according to user needs.

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