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The applicable industry of automatic sealing machine!


The automatic seaming machine has been greatly develope […]

The automatic seaming machine has been greatly developed under the guidance of the market. Recently, a new type of automatic seaming machine has been developed in the market. The new type of automatic seaming machine is more intelligent and faster than the previous one, which improves the work efficiency by one. level.
Fully automatic can sealing machine is the necessary processing equipment for metal can making. It is suitable for the production of metal packaging cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, seeds and other industries.
The can sealing machine is especially suitable for the back sealing of special-shaped gasoline drums. The entire sealing process of the equipment is automatically completed by machinery. The operator only needs to load and take out the workpiece, and press the pedal with one foot for each can. The can body does not move during the sealing process, which is safe to use. Easy to operate and less noise. The new type of rotary-open automatic sealing machine is a machine for automatic sealing of glass jars. It adopts the electromagnetic friction clutch installed on the shaft sleeve, which can automatically adjust the tightening force through the control circuit. Raise to clamp and loosen the cap. In addition to accurately controlling the sealing torque of the bottle cap, the machine can also grasp the sealing changes at any time through the torque meter installed on the panel, which overcomes the fact that common sealing machines cannot grasp the sealing changes at any time. The canning machine cannot grasp the change of the sealing torque at any time, the adjustment is troublesome, and the production qualification rate is poor.
Automatic sealing machines are generally used in automated production lines and mass production lines. Since the model is converted from a drilling machine, the current domestic can seaming machines are all large and bulky can seaming machines. Due to the high cost, high output and high technology, it is deeply favored by large enterprises.
Automatic sealing machine for all active nitrogen filling and important high cleanliness requirements for milk powder sealing machine, a new type of sealing machine design for the health care product packaging industry. The initial design of the sealing machine in a single head sealing machine is improved, and the five additional sealing and sealing machines are added, which greatly improves the consumption rate.

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