KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine Suppliers

KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine

KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine

Zhoushan Kaizhou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The plunger type (thick sauce) filling machine produced by our company has the advantages of reasonable space occupation, small size, beautiful appearance, stable overall operation, accurate filling and convenient adjustment. It is developed by our company based on the world's most advanced plunger (thick sauce) filling machine combined with 30 years of design and production experience. It is used by many food companies across the country.

This series of models is suitable for filling all kinds of sauces (such as ketchup, chili sauce, rice wine containing rice grains, orange grains, various fruit jams, fruit purees, etc.), viscous materials, high-concentration beverages containing pulp or particles , Even quantitative filling of pure liquids. Stable operation, accurate filling, suitable for cold and hot filling. Pistons and piston cylinders are specially processed by cutting-edge technology, matched with precision, and are durable and wear-resistant. Equipped with material mixing system, three-point liquid level control, frequency conversion speed regulation, bottle in and out protection, automatic adjustment of high and low speed, bottle filling and many other automatic control designs. It is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements and has a beautiful appearance. After nearly 100 users' practical application, the performance has reached the international advanced level.

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Production capacity:

80~180 cans/min

Applicable tank diameter:

Φ52.5 ~ Φ102mm

Applicable tank height:


Number of filling heads:


Total power:


Power supply voltage:

380 V 50HZ 3 phase+N+G

Control voltage:

24 V DC / AC


2200×1600×2000mm weight: 1600KG


As a famous KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine Suppliers and KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine Manufacturers, Zhoushan Kaizhou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in the production and processing of can-sealing machines, filling machines and KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine. our company’s headquarter is located in Zhoushan. The Zhoushan Sea-crossing Bridge is connected to the Ningbo-Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway and the transportation is convenient. Kaizhou, Zhoushan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system, adheres to the tenet of "people-oriented, reputation first, quality first" to provide customers with advanced design, excellent performance, complete supporting facilities and affordable prices.

Why Choose Us

Customization : we have a strong R & D team, which can manufacture the corresponding production equipment according to the market demand.
Cost : we have our own processing equipment, which can reserve parts for the required equipmen .
Service : To meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent and to reflect the bridge role between Kaizhou brand and the user.
Transportation : We are only 90 kilometers from Beilun port, and the exit is very convenient.
Quality : We have many experienced engineers and assemblers to ensure custom KZ200 Thick sauce filling machine quality.
Output : Our annual output is more than 30 sets, which can meet the needs of customers all over the world.