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GT4B18D High-speed sealing machine

GT4B18D High-speed sealing machine

Zhoushan Kaizhou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

This machine is a rotary can sealing machine with four working heads. The design has the advantages of convenient assembly and disassembly, cleaning, oil filling and easy maintenance and operation of internal parts. The machine runs in a balanced manner, which can quickly reduce the vibration of the can to a minimum, and there is no squeeze out of the juice. The two sealing rollers are opposed to the device to make the first and second seals run smoothly. When it is necessary to check the sealing condition of the first, the second sealing roller is easy to remove. There is a mechanical device to restore the sealing roller to its original position.
This machine is equipped with an automatic can feeding mechanism, a linkage mechanism of "no can and no lid", and a synchronous lid separation mechanism. When the machine is used online with the sauce (juice) filling machine, the machine also has a set of drive filling The drive system of the sauce (juice) machine. This machine has high productivity and is especially suitable for sealing sauces, juices and canned vegetables.

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Production capacity 75 cans/min
Head number  4
Applicable tank diameter 126.5~153mm
Applicable tank height 67~240mm
Host power                                  4KW
Increase the motor   0.37KW
Overall dimensions (length×width×height) 2000×1390×1950(mm)
Weight 2200 kg


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