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What is the introduction about the stability of the seamer?


All active nitrogen filling and milk powder of the auto […]

All active nitrogen filling and milk powder of the automatic seaming machine have important high cleanliness requirements for the sealing machine, a new type of sealing machine design for the health care product packaging industry. This machine is based on a single head sealing machine, perfecting the preliminary design of five additional sealing and sealing machines, greatly improving the consumption rate.


Automatic seamer task parameters can be easily designed and change requested according to different wheel groove seals in glass. A heavy-lock seam seal tank, the joint action of the first and second seal rollers makes the body flange and lid hook coincidentally twists and turns, sealing pressure and resulting in strictly parallel five-layer tin joints, of which the first seal wheel is important It is the conditions for flanging and superimposition and good hook groove cover hook body, and the second sealing disc is the initial connection caused by the applied pressure after sealing. The symmetrical undercoat and the two-character structure make the sealing quality of the large tank more stable. The system, capable of canister suction, does not require a steam box for equipment, which increases the cost of the product, and extends the shelf life of the can.


Automatic seaming machine when the market competition to product packaging and variety naturally become a topic at a high level. In order to meet the needs of customers, one of the most influential members of the global common Italian SMI decoration company, has been specialized in the packaging of food and beverage industry first, second packaging machinery and equipment in the next few decades. It can be used in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, food, edible oil, dairy products, canned food, detergent, cosmetic sealing machine, chemical industry and other industries, and has become the world's second largest supplier of packaging equipment. Complete diversity Opportunities brought by the market demand for product updates: not just expanding the machine series, but also making the machine's functions more diverse.

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