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What are the functional descriptions of the automatic seaming machine?


Functional description of automatic seaming machine: 1. […]

Functional description of automatic seaming machine:
1. The automatic vacuum sealing machine adopts an electrical system that can control a single machine or the whole line. The whole process is controlled by PLC, and the alarm device can be set.
2. It can realize automatic can support, automatic cap drop and automatic can sealing, reducing manual operation.
3. The key components are processed by high-precision equipment, and the machining accuracy is improved to ensure the stability of the whole machine.
4. The machine has the characteristics of stable operation, large sealing range, easy operation and convenient adjustment.
5. This machine can work alone or cooperate with the conveyor line for assembly line production.


Application of vacuum inspection machine: instead of manual can packaging production, use automated instruments to reduce human errors and speed up can production. The specific principle is human production, relying on the continuous blows of production workers to judge whether the product is good or not, it will be disturbed by external sound sources, and affected by human emotional and physical factors. However, the vacuum inspection machine is used, and the sound wave detection device is completely used to automatically process the judgment of good or bad, so as to speed up the production speed of the product.

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