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What are the reasons for the analysis of the operation problems of the sealing machine?


Many people like to eat canned food in life, but have y […]

Many people like to eat canned food in life, but have you ever considered how to seal canned food? In fact, it is sealed with a special can sealing machine. This article is about some related issues about the can sealing machine.
Many times when the can sealing machine is sealing the cans, there may be curling. In fact, this situation is likely to be caused by improper adjustment. If the curling roller is too loose, the curling will occur. On the contrary, it is not good to rely on it too tightly. Another situation may be that because the round edge of the can lid is not good, there will be curling during the operation.
Many private small workshops may not have very strict production requirements. The operator may not use a dedicated can sealing machine in order to save trouble during operation, but find a nearby machine for sealing processing. In fact, this is not good. Yes, if it is not a suitable machine to seal the can, the height of the can body may also be different, which will lead to the appearance of curling.


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