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What is the structure of the high-speed can sealing machine?


The high-speed can sealing machine is the most advanced […]

The high-speed can sealing machine is the most advanced can sealing machine at present. When the empty can enters the lifting tray through the dial, the empty can is lifted and sealed. After the can is sealed, it is pushed out by the head of the capping mechanism, and then enters the can. delivery.


The main advantages are as follows:
① The overall structure of the new series products is more reasonable and beautiful than the old ones.
② The diameter of the head of the new can sealing machine is significantly larger than the original one, all heavy-duty bearings are installed, the life of the sealing cam is prolonged, and its normal service life is increased by more than 5 times.
③ The sealing shaft of the new machine adopts a dual-shaft structure with the first roller and the second roller separated, so that the feed amount of the sealing wheel can be adjusted and controlled separately, and the quality of the sealing will not be affected by the machining error or wear of the cam .
④ The rotation direction of the new machine during sealing is counterclockwise, so that after the sealing is completed, the turning direction of the can automatically departs from the sealing machine in the sequence of cans, which can avoid the cans and cans from being scratched.

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