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What is the main work content of the vacuum sealing machine?


The main work content of the vacuum sealing machine ope […]

The main work content of the vacuum sealing machine operation of the sealing machine manufacturer

1. Before operation, the material of the sealed tank lid and tank body should be checked for compliance to prevent closing errors and accurately cover the pot rack

2. The operator should ensure that it is a machine, not a random, unreasonable slave. Filling and sealing machine

3. In the process of sealing, attention should be paid to the inspection of vacuum degree, is it correct? Within the definition of the scope of the invention, adjustments are very much needed.

4. The vacuum should be turned on according to the solid weight of the canning jar.

5. During the working process, the operator should visually search the food sealing surface quality inspection once every half an hour. Is the tin surface correct? Evidence of rapid exit or blunt edges, teeth, chipping; false seal, or drooping lip; is inspection correct? Throwing debris slides to seal the edge, huh? Obviously, is it correct to check that the paint can be printed in exterior colors? Are worn and damaged defects. If a defect is discovered, stop it in time, and contact the maintenance personnel on duty to repair it.

6. For sealing treatment, full-time personnel should check the quality of the "three rates" of the canning workshop every 2 hours, and the testers should report the training effect to the machine operator in real time. When the quality of a sealed "three rate" does not meet the requirements, the tester should come down in time; at the same time, contact the maintenance personnel of the sealing machine on duty for maintenance.

7. During the sealing process, the operator should abide by the post and use an ordinary wipe to clean the outer sealing machine holding cloth.

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