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What are the safe operating procedures for automatic vacuum sealing machines?


Precautions for operating automatic vacuum sealing mach […]

Precautions for operating automatic vacuum sealing machine:

1. Turn on the power to check whether the sealing strip is in good condition, whether the machine is leaking electricity, and test run with the cover closed to check whether the operation of the vacuum pump is normal.
Turn on the power: Turn the power selection switch according to the need, that is, the power indicator light is on. The power selection switch points to the sealing of the vacuum seamer.

2. According to the material, select the required heating temperature, and adjust the heating temperature knob to the correct position.

3. Concentrate on operation, and do not leave the post without permission. If any abnormality is found, immediately cut off the power and stop the machine for inspection.

4. After the completion, when to turn off the power, remove the power plug of the automatic vacuum sealing machine, and do a good job of cleaning and maintenance

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