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How to choose Labeling Machine according to label size and shape?


When deciding on a labeling machine, label length and f […]

When deciding on a labeling machine, label length and form are essential concerns. Different label sizes and shapes might also require exceptional forms of labeling machines to make certain accurate and solid attachment to the product. Here are a few hints to help you choose a labeling machine based on label length and form:


Label size:
Small label: For small labels, you can pick out a computing device or portable labeling machine that is suitable for small labels. These machines are typically suitable for small-scale or unique software manufacturing lines.
Medium size labels: Most labeling machines are appropriate for medium length labels, which includes round bottle labeling machines, flat labeling machines, and so on. These machines are commonly capable of adapt to more than a few label sizes.
Large label length: If the label size is massive, it can be necessary to keep in mind a labeling gadget appropriate for big labels. These machines usually have larger labeling heads and conveying systems.


Label shape:
Circular label: If you are the use of a circular label, you may pick a circular bottle labeling machine. These machines are designed to wrap round labels, making sure that the labels are evenly attached on the round surface across the product.
Square or rectangular labels: The flat labeling machine is appropriate for square or rectangular labels. These machines can appropriately connect labels to the flat surface of the product.
Irregular formed labels: For irregularly fashioned labels, flexible label adaptation gadgets or bendy labeling machines can be required to ensure that the labels can adapt to the form of the product.


Position and orientation of labels:
Front and back labeling machine: appropriate for conditions that require labeling on the back and front of products, inclusive of bottles or boxes.
Up and down labeling machine: suitable for conditions in which labeling is required above and below the product, including the top or backside of the bottle.
Surround labeling machine: appropriate for situations where complete labeling is required across the product, together with cylindrical bottles.


The adjustability of labels:
Adjustable labeling machines: Some labeling machines have adjustable furniture or heads that permit for the adaptation of labels of different styles and sizes. This is very useful for varied production lines.


When choosing a labeling machine, it is first-class to deliver the actual label sample to the equipment provider to make certain that the device can successfully cope with your particular label size and form. In addition, communicate with equipment manufacturers and explain your manufacturing wishes to acquire expert advice.

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