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How should the automatic sealing machine be cleaned?


Automatic seaming machines are generally used in automa […]

Automatic seaming machines are generally used in automated production lines and mass production lines. Because of its high cost, high output and high technology, it is deeply favored by large enterprises.


The seaming machine is composed of motor, pulley, main shaft, locking pad, column, lifting table, right roller, concave wheel shaft and cam, gearbox, gear rack and so on. The material of the seaming machine leaks from the rear end of the material cylinder. Check whether the sealing ring on the piston of the paste filling machine is damaged. If damaged, please replace it. Confirm that the piston and piston rod are tight. Whether the piston is in the center of the cylinder aluminum bracket.


The automatic seaming machine cleans the dust and dirt in the pump cavity of the vacuum pump once every six months, and cleans the fan hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille, and cooling fins (cleaning with compressed air). Once a year, replace the exhaust filter and clean or replace the intake filter (clean with compressed air). Change the vacuum pump oil and oil filter every 500-2000 hours.


The filling and sealing equipment of the automatic can sealing machine oral liquid easy-fold plastic bottle needs to reverse the directional filling of the plastic bottle, and then send it to the conveying track for filling and sealing between the bottle body and the bottom cover. Since too much liquid medicine remaining in the sealing place will seriously affect the sealing quality or cause leakage, in order to ensure the sealing quality, the seaming machine needs to make the liquid medicine filling head rise synchronously with the filling liquid level. GY series filling machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine. The cylinder drives a piston to extract and discharge the material. The flow direction of the material is controlled by a one-way valve, and the stroke of the cylinder is controlled by a magnetic reed switch to adjust the filling volume.

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